Jason & Kenzie || Engagement in the Mountains

We decided to meet up at Snoqualmie Pass since they love spending time together outdoors going hiking and fishing. We wandered around in the woods for a bit, as the golden light of the afternoon began to sink behind the surrounding mountains, and and found a little river spot to climb down to. They were laughing, connecting and just so perfectly in love that at times I felt I should vanish into the surrounding trees to allow those sweet moments of smiles and kisses to be intimate secrets shared only by the two of them. Not in an awkward way, just in a way where you know you're witnessing something true & pure.

I think that is one of the amazing things about my times with couples who allow me to photograph them - is that for this window of time, they let me into their moments, their shared secrets; when they're so comfortable and connected that they allow me to witness that magic that isn't always on display for the world. The magic of their little moments, tender touches and joyful outbursts.

After 2 hours with these two, I had that light euphoric feeling after a perfectly romantic movie comes to a happy end. The feeling that makes you listen to love songs the whole drive home, watching the sunset in neon colors and being reminded of the enchanting power of love and mountains.

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