Our 2017 || Year in Review

The year started and ended with snow on the hill.

This year was full of road trips. We started by heading down to Lake Tahoe in January and enjoyed a quiet week in the snow. With the spring, came my Golden Birthday and the trip I've been dreaming of since I was a little girl. We spent 5 weeks road tripping around the UK and Northern France, before heading to the north of Norway to spend time with family & meet the newest addition - our cousin's first born little boy. Ryan and I both have always loved a good road trip, and this year we realized we PREFER it. The freedom, the spontaneity, the serendipitous discoveries...but for more on that, you'll have to wait until our full Uk / Norway Getaway blog! *Stay tuned*

Summer came, and along with it our return to Alaska. Ryan owns & operates his own commercial fishing boat up in the Prince William Sound & even though the summer is my busiest time of year with weddings & portraits, we make a rule of me traveling up every few weeks during his season. Most often I just go out on the boat as they continue their long grueling hours & I spend hours editing, but it's still so worth it to just be in the same place, encouraging & supporting each other as we pursue our dreams. I made 4 different trips to Alaska this year - a record for me - and also got to experience Cordova in the snow which was completely enchanting.

In the fall we had a little getaway to Winthrop in the Methow Valley and watched the rising of a beautiful harvest moon on our 7 year wedding anniversary. For more on that & the stunning & peaceful experience that is Sun Mountain Lodge, check out our anniversary blog.

The holiday season brought a trip to the east coast with my brothers & our spouses to visit my youngest brother who had moved across country for work. We rented a house and hung out together exploring the area, playing video games & watching Jim Gaffigan Netflix specials. From there Ryan and I hit the road again for a mini New England excursion before meeting up with my brother in NYC for Thanksgiving.

I came across this quote a while back, and it sums up what 2017s travels have inspired in me:

"If I was really really wealthy, I wouldn't buy a mansion; I'd just buy tiny apartments in every city I love."

We returned home, back to our quiet hill in the Snoqualmie Valley, rested & reconnected as the snow fell, and with the passing of Christmas we welcomed the newest member of our herd - our little pup Zoë.

This year (like most for many of us) was full of highs & lows, heartbreaks & joys, and a lot of quiet, average days in between. In thinking back over 2017, these words stayed with me:

" I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings." - Nick Frederickson