Jesse & Cassie || Wedding

"She hugged me tight, burying her face into my back,

and the longer I drove, the tighter she held

and though her eyes were closed

I knew she was smiling

I could just tell."


Their story started with a ride on a Harley, so it was only right that they started their marriage off the same way! Jesse & Cassie's wedding day was overflowing with personal touches & insights into their relationship, from including Jesse's Harley - they met through friends during a motorcycle trip - to serving brownies as their dessert, which was Cassie's form of payment for all the times Jesse worked on her car. The most tender detail was the heart cut out of camo with a note from Cassie's dad who had passed away that was sewn into the underskirt of her gown.

One of my favorite moments was when Cassie surprised Jesse with a video montage of messages sent from loved ones who were unable to attend the wedding sending their love & congratulations. The tenderness, laughter and a few happy tears was a beautiful start to their day.

Days like this remind me of what an honor it is to be entrusted with capturing moments & emotions that exist so briefly but then can be relived through photography.

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