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Sometimes capturing engagement sessions is like falling in love with two peoples love story, the way you do when you watch a movie or read a book. You might think you have an idea, and maybe you do, but it’s through seeing the little things that make it something powerful to witness & pulls on your heart strings.

Spending time watching them interact, the inside jokes or sense of humor they share. The little squabbles that show intimacy that surpasses polite flirtations. Hearing about how & when they each fell in love with the other. Seeing them be their most vibrant and open selves with each other.

“This is one of the best days of my life - she’s going to be marrying me”

“It took a little while, but then I was like ‘oh my gosh he’s the best thing ever’ “

Two people who know everything about each other, and love one another so wholly & completely. It’s days like this that I love my job - not just because of the cool settings & good looking people, but getting to witness love in such an honest & real form.

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