Kyle & McKenzie

Two of my favorite humans got married. It was tender, emotional, celebratory & surreal. For the first half of the day I doubled as bridesmaid & photographer, and while driving McKenzie to the reveal with Kyle, we were sitting in the car & both couldn't really believe that after 18 years of friendship, in that day, in that moment, we were driving to meet her (almost) husband.

There is so much I could say about this couple, but to keep it short, here is a small excerpt of my speech:

"I have spent A LOT of time with you two. I knew you as individuals, and in watching you date & then get engaged, I can say with absolute certainty & amazement, you make each other better. I’ve watched you encourage each other, sharpen each other, cry together, grow together and also cultivate & strengthen relationships with the other loved ones in your lives in ways that you didn’t before. You’re the best versions of yourselves when you’re together - and that is the best compliment & affirmation I could give"

Thank you to Tanner Wendell Stewart​ who took over the role of photographer for the ceremony & reception portion of the evening so I was able to participate & celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs. Winkle!

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